When it comes to press coverage, the media landscape is more challenging than ever. There are fewer journalists working at fewer outlets, and more competition for their attention. Gone are the days of mass emailing a press release and crossing your fingers. The foundations of good PR, however, remain the same: mutually beneficial relationships, relevance, and a good story. Highly targeted, personalized pitches that provide useful, transferable content are the key to effective story placement- and to cultivating lasting relationships with media and influencers.

Public Relations Services:

  • Short- and long-term PR planning

  • Product launch strategy

  • Well-written press releases

  • Targeted media lists

  • Individually-tailored pitches

  • Desk-side media visits

  • Goal-specific media monitoring and analytics


Effective influencer campaigns are tied to specific business goals and enlist influencers that will move the needle for your business. The ideal influencer is the one with an engaged audience relevant to your customer, and a tone and style that match your brand. Quality beats quantity every time.  

I will help you find the best champions for your message and create a program that delivers fresh, relevant content directly to your audience.


A crisis communications plan will minimize damage to both reputation and revenue when crisis strikes. Your first statement should be public within 30-60 minutes, so whether the crisis has been simmering or arrives out of the blue, being prepared and having a framework for quick response are essential.


The cardinal rules of crisis communications are:

  1. Respond early and honestly.

  2. Do the right thing.

  3. Keep messaging consistent.

The process begins with a comprehensive Vulnerability Assessment to identify a broad spectrum of potential crises and determine your stakeholder groups. From there, you are ready to develop a Crisis Response Plan with clear timelines and protocols, and a Crisis Response Library containing pre-written statements for a variety of scenarios.

Readiness and response are the cornerstones of crisis communications. Developing your plan on a sunny day will help you ride out the storm and minimize damage to your organization's revenue and reputation.


What are your areas of expertise? Where can you be a leader in your industry? What kinds of content experiences will have value for your customer? Consumers want relationships with brands based on shared values, authenticity and trust. Content is the key to building those relationships.


Content Development Services:

  • Brand journalism

  • Blog posts

  • Web copy

  • Social media strategy

  • Newsletter content


There is a lot of noise out there. As consumers, we are bombarded with more information than we can possibly take in. More than ever, consistency of messaging, targeting your audience, and clear alignment between communications and your goals as a business are the only way to be heard.

Start with a plan to move away from reactive, ad-hoc tactics toward long-term, consistent and proactive strategy tied to your mission as a business. Your plan will:

  • Align communications with your goals/mission.

  • Establish a clear communications strategy.

  • Outline specific tactics, timelines and next steps.

  • Identify the stories that will engage your target audience.

  • Include targeted media lists.

  • Establish measurable outcomes.